Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wow. I am amazed at how people change just because they have someone (a therapist) in front of them who speaks intentionally, using precise language, that has the effect of sliding right outside the consciousness of the client......all I have to do is INTEND for them to change, in the way they want to.....and say things to them that increase the responsiveness of their unconscious minds, and they take off like a train leaving the station, leaving me behind.....I have been doing this for a couple decades and I am so appreciative of the human spirit.....and amazed at the mind's positive intention....

Solution Zone: New Practice Location

Solution Zone: New Practice Location: "The Psychotherapy Office of David L Johns, LMHC Announcing new location! 465 Summerhaven Drive, Suite A Debary, FL 32713 Phon..."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When we realize that we are not at the mercy of stuff we become empowered and in a position to adjust that facet of our minds that have been responding in a troublesome way to that stuff. Our minds work just fine most of the time. Sometimes when we are feeling badly - depressed, angry, jealous, guilty, ashamed for example, we thing it's ABOUT SOMETHING or ABOUT ourselves. It couldn't be further from the truth. If we look at it as a facet of our mind responding to the stuff our next question is "Why does it do that?"

Well, to answer that let's take a look at the structure of our minds as it compares to the rest of the mammal, reptile and amphibian population. We share a part of the mind we call primitive. What sets humans apart from the rest of the animal population is that we have an intellect (cortex) which is the smallest part of our mind (2%). The rest of our mind operates at the level of a goat (don't get offended, it is true). Our goat mind is the originator of emotions. It is fully present and it doesn't cause behaviors if it can't conceive of those behaviors. Wolves don't even entertain the idea that if they could fly they could catch more birds. In humans the intellect can think of things like that - it can think of things that do not exist, it can think of a past and a future, it can think of other dimensions, black holes etc etc. That isn't a problem. Nor is the goat brain a problem. We need a part of our mind that can put behaviors and bodily processes on automatic. The problem occurs when goat brain receives an illogical message from the intellect about something disturbing. For instance, if the intellect thinks "Damn, if only I had left home a half hour earlier I wouldn't be in this traffic jam". The goat brain hadn't considered that as possible until now. It figures "if the intellect can conceive it it must be possible", and because the goat brain is always fully present, says "Well do it now" (leave a half hour earlier NOW)....and it causes a bad feeling (anger, frustration, regret) which is designed to get that to happen! But it CAN'T HAPPEN. Mind keeps providing that bad emotion to get you to take action that isn't possible, because that time period doesn't exist. This can create other emotions and continue until the STUFF abates or it "gets" it that there is nothing to change (making the bad emotion useless). Rapid Resolution Therapy provides exercises to help the mind "get it" and make the mind sharper so that it can sort those things out more effectively in the future.

Hint: if anyone feels anger, hurt, stress, anxiety, depression it is a sure sign that the goat mind is creating those feelings to get you to fix something that doesn't exist. It may have existed hours, days, weeks, months, years ago, but not now. Think about it....any questions feel free to comment.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Becoming Solution-Focused in Brief Therapy

Change - It starts with a question. From then on, your client's world will become a universe of possibility where none existed before. Solution Focused Therapy, in the past 30 years has had tremendous acceptance in a variety of applications and is used as a therapeutic approach with children, adults, couples, families, from all venues. Whether voluntary or involuntary, whether in individual, family or group therapy, the use of Solution Focused Therapy quickly establishes the rapport needed to collaborate with the client to co-create solutions the client didn't think were possible. Does it work? It works if a client has a goal. With purposeful, effect-driven questioning, compassion, belief in the person sitting in front of you, you will witness relief from symptoms and renewed confidence emerging. No longer feeling helpless in navigating from problem to solutions, people will become proactive in other endeavors with a new perspective.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Practice Location

The Psychotherapy Office of
David L Johns, LMHC

Announcing new location!

465 Summerhaven Drive, Suite A
Debary, FL 32713

Phone number is the same: (407) 970-8814

Stay tuned for MORE STUFF!