Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Becoming Solution-Focused in Brief Therapy

Change - It starts with a question. From then on, your client's world will become a universe of possibility where none existed before. Solution Focused Therapy, in the past 30 years has had tremendous acceptance in a variety of applications and is used as a therapeutic approach with children, adults, couples, families, from all venues. Whether voluntary or involuntary, whether in individual, family or group therapy, the use of Solution Focused Therapy quickly establishes the rapport needed to collaborate with the client to co-create solutions the client didn't think were possible. Does it work? It works if a client has a goal. With purposeful, effect-driven questioning, compassion, belief in the person sitting in front of you, you will witness relief from symptoms and renewed confidence emerging. No longer feeling helpless in navigating from problem to solutions, people will become proactive in other endeavors with a new perspective.

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